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2 problems: sound+modem

PostPosted: 31 Aug 2005, 23:16
by gorlist
I'm facing 2 problems with ydl on my Mac Mini.

1. Sound is not working.
During the installation process there was a test sound button, clicked it but no sound came out.
What can I do to fix this problem?
I have heard that ydl has some issues with sound...

2. I cannot connect to the Internet.
I use kppp from KDE and I select the /dev/modem device as my modem(thinking that /dev/modem would point to Apple's v92 Internal modem), but what I get when clicking the connect button is an error message that it cannot find a modem in /dev/modem.
How do I fix this?

Obviously it's a software modem.
Are there any drivers for Mac Mini's Apple v92 Internal modem?

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2005, 14:03
by StarKnight83
sorry, neither are support as of yet under linux (kernel drivers arent availible yet)