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G4 mac mini & 20"Cinema display

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2006, 17:21
by RodeoRoo
G'day Yellow Dog forum, this is my first post just been sorting out all my stuff so I can get the full mac experience.

Finally with a bit of saving, Christmas & birthday I have been able to afford a cinema dispaly. My old dispaly was ASUSPM17TS, nice for the money but it had issues with linux. Screen never would keep centerd after each reboot you had to adjust.

So I took the plunge for a cinema display. I raced home to fire up, OS X it did its stuff & was a seamless operation.

Yellow Dog 4.1 I got myself into problems only after several reinstalls did I discover the defaults for the video & monitor were correct & dont need to changed. When I selected my ATI Radeon 9200 video card & loged out the screen went to unusable garbage. As for selecting the cinema display only had a choice of 22 or 23 inch no 20 inch.

I will say I do have a bit of let down with Terra Soft they bill themselves as premium linux for PPC but dont completly finish the product. In the last year only a few updates were ever issued only after months of service life. As for additonal software repostitory, I guess you dont get that sort of privelidge if you buy a boxed version.

Now my system is up & I am happy to be using linux after all this time.

Will Yellow Dog 5.0 offer more ? or just more of the same ? Folks with Playstaions are alredy installing other PPC linux distros & having a better customer experience from distros that dont support Playstation. Just because Apple has stoped production of PPC doesnt mean all users of PPC have tossed ther computers in the trash. And with all the game consoles on PPC platform interest in anything PPC is better than ever !

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2007, 12:53
by RodeoRoo
Well it's been two week of constant use for YDL 4.1 never a crash all seems to work just nicely.

I would like to get clamav & the gui interface klamav to install. I have tried to install a Fedora 4 PPC RPM's but I keep getting depenencies I can't seem to sort out. Only if someone could be kind enough to make a tool kit for clamav YDL 4.1 :idea: