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Re: ARAnyM Running on PowerPC

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2008, 15:00
by billb
Thanks -- will try it and let you know (as usual). :D

Re: ARAnyM Running on PowerPC

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2008, 19:54
by archimedium
You're warmly welcome :roll:

Re: ARAnyM Running on PowerPC

PostPosted: 28 Apr 2009, 17:37
by archimedium
There's a 0.9.8beta release of ARAnyM, so the miniPack was updated. It supports

`MacAranym` allows launching on Macintosh with Mac OS X
`MacAranym JIT` allows launching on IntelMac with Mac OS X
`` allows launching on PC with x86-Linux
`` allows launching on Mac and PS3 with PPC-Linux

So Macintosh - PC - PlayStation 3 are all supported with both Mac OS X and GNU / Linux.

This simple ARAnyM configuration is entirely based on Unices.

Enjoy, it's yours :)

Re: ARAnyM Running on PowerPC

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2009, 16:34
by archimedium
I was unfortunately victim of the YLOD syndrome with my PlayStation 3. Here is the very sad video

It happened while I was watching "Dune" Blu-ray (a picture adapted from the well known scifi author Frank Herbert). Y.L.O.D. = Yellow Light Of Death. It means that the PS3 is broken. The ARAnyM's host is so expensive to get repaired from Sony, that I bought a new PS3 Slim to replace it. The PS3 worth it :)

The main drawback is that GNU / Linux is no longer available with the new hardware. It's bad news, and I will not be able to build ARAnyM myself, and submit official packages for future release.

Please apologize. The problem is probably caused by a too hot summer season, I suspect. I hope someone else will follow the job on PS3 ... I'm sure that some of the PlayStation fans appreciated the ARAnyM port I've done on the platform, with the help of GNU / Linux developers and ARAnyM Team.

Here is the last screenshot Image

Feel free to ask me if I can help building ARAnyM on PlayStation 3.

You're welcome,

Keep going !