OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

YDL running on the Sony Playstation 3

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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby keefy » 01 Apr 2010, 07:50

I can sign into PSN see my friends but cannot download any updates to games :( anyoen have a solution?
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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby otakusupreme » 01 Apr 2010, 08:34

i don't know if anyone mentioned this or not (dont have time to look through all the posts) but be aware when you buy new games. the new games will have the updates on it too and will force you to upgrade... lol ... your ps3 in turn removing other os. so no new games either if you want to keep other os.
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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby oerunekoi » 01 Apr 2010, 08:56

This is unfair, I just bought my PS3 3 months ago and i buyed the older version to run Linux on it, the first day when arrives to my house i installed ydl and spend a lot of hours formatting, installing open Office, VLC and other cool stuff.
8) 8)
But this is the worst joke that sony can do. :shock:

They even removed before the cool startup PlayStation3 in the games, what is next? Bluetooth? Gigabit ethernet to 10MBPS, Dynamic themes? :evil:

Now i going to wait until a Custom Firmware i don't mind to update.
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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby Jenraux » 01 Apr 2010, 11:14

lol ii just updated to the new firmware, its too risky using the other methods, if you have pots of cash then fine, but i had to sell my Xbox to get this PS3 and im not going to lose it over Linux, which wasnt the reason why i bought one, just a cool little extra.

But for all those who didn't update, enjoy it while it lasts.
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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby billb » 01 Apr 2010, 11:29

otakusupreme wrote:ok since im not updating and just gonna get another ps3 soon.. when i do get everything tranferred to new ps3 can i then use my 'old' and use the feature allot 10 gb to ps3. does that mean that the rest of my 400 some gb will be used by other os? and if i do decide to do that is there any drawbacks to me doing so???

Yes, the rest would go to "Other OS" / Linux. No, if you're not using your PS3 for gaming there are no drawbacks for giving 10GB to the Game OS.
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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby lynx-79 » 01 Apr 2010, 11:40

i installed linux only a few weeks back.. and have only just started to get the hang of it.. i was happy just to use it for the browser.. now ive gotta choose between the 2.. pure stink!!.. im not gonna update just yet.. maybe if enough people dont update and complain.. they may improve there browser or something.. one can only hope....
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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby dan_f14 » 01 Apr 2010, 13:14

Just another kick in the nuts from Sony to me in a matter of weeks. I had an 18 month Sony Vaio laptop that needed repairing. Sony try charging me £779 for a motherboard repair. Needless to say I did not take them up on their offer. Now they remove the other os feature meaning I will now have nothing to do my computer related tasks if I upgrade.

Sony have gone down massively as a company in my eyes. Well screw them I will fight back. I work in Sales and I will be damned if I ever sell or recommend another Sony product. I have enough horror stories with my dealings with the company to put off even the most Sony loyalists.

I am not one for piracy but I have my fingers crossed that Sony will have added fuel to the fire so to speak in respect of the hacking of the console and I hope an exploit is found that massively damages their profits. Or perhaps I should not hope for that as if that ever happened they would probably release another firmware update that kills the console and I would be left with a pretty black shiny box as an ornament and an apology from Sony saying they had to remove power to the PS3 because of a "security concern".

Anyway sorry for rambling off topic.
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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby ACEFOMIQUZ » 01 Apr 2010, 13:48

billb wrote:From the yellowdog-announce mailing list:

http://lists.fixstars.com/pipermail/yel ... 00223.html
Yellow Dog Linux Enthusiasts,

Sony has announced that the the 3.21 firmware that will be released on
April 1st 2010 will remove the OtherOS feature on old, large form factor
PLAYSTATION(R) 3s. This will affect all versions of all Linux
distributions for the PS3 including YDL and YDEL. If you upgrade to
the new firmware, you will NOT be able to run Yellow Dog Linux.

IMPORTANT: If continued use of Linux on your PS3 is desired, do not
update the firmware on your PS3 after March 31 2010.

By not updating your firmware, the following features will not be available:

* Ability to sign in to PlayStation Network and use network features
that require signing in to PlayStation Network, such as online features
of PS3 games and chat
* Playback of PS3 software titles or Blu-ray Disc videos that require
PS3 system software version 3.21 or later
* Playback of copyright-protected videos that are stored on a media
server (when DTCP-IP is enabled under Settings)
* Use of new features and improvements that are available on PS3 system
software 3.21 or later

Fixstars remains committed to providing updates and support for it's
PowerPC and Cell Linux products through the end of the scheduled
lifetime. For YDL 6.2, updates will continue until the end of July 2010
and for YDEL 6.1, updates will continue until end of April 2012.

For more information about the new firmware, please visit:

http://blog.us.playstation.com/2010/03/ ... 21-update/

http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2010/03/ ... april-1st/

The Fixstars Linux Team

So official updates will continue for a few months longer on YDL 6.2 and until 2012 for YDEL 6.1.

I think I'll use fedora 13 instead after the end time.
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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby CronoCloud » 01 Apr 2010, 15:08

ppietro wrote:P.S. This even affects the Netflix streaming movie service. When I couldn't log into PSN, I couldn't even watch Netflix. *double sigh*

Actually, unlike the leap year related outage, Netflix still works. Just tested it on my 3.15 PS3. (which is staying 3.15 for now). Also, unlike that outage, my premium theme is still working, and Zuma didn't revert to Demo mode. So there's a little bit of good news for 3.15ers

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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby Jaybps3 » 01 Apr 2010, 20:00

I just spent around 1 hr talking to sony, They cannot give me an specific reason why this update is important for security reasons.

I told them I just want to talk to someone who can explain exactly how removing the other-os option is making the ps3 more secure. The way I see it is this geohot hack thing, how is removing the other-os option gonna prevent him from hacking when all he has to do is not update. I want to know how this hack can effect me and everyone else who has not and never will open their ps3's up and void warranty's.

Basically were screwed they wont provide any details on the issue and all they can say is it is being removed for security concerns!
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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby mikey » 01 Apr 2010, 21:03


This method works, just tested. But you cannot download content from the psn or game updates apparently... But multiplayer works, and so does chatting with people and stuff.
http://thezerogameproject.com/forum/fw- ... nd-working

There are other methods also, ps3proxy etc. Here you can download stuff from the PSN and stuff it onto the PS3, i havent tested this yet.

Not exactly sure what this one bellow does but anyway.

Man its sad to see all this effort of getting linux running good on the ps3 go to waste in one bad paranoid and probably illegal move... What will happen to the YDL ps3 branch now? Whats YDL's official or semi official feeling about this all? And is legal action considered?

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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby aguilarojo » 01 Apr 2010, 21:04

ColdFever wrote:This is what Sony tells in marketing:
"In addition to playing games, watching movies, listening to music, and viewing photos, you can use the PS3™ system to run the Linux operating system. By installing the Linux operating system, you can use the PS3™ system not only as an entry-level personal computer with hundreds of familiar applications for home and office use, but also as a complete development environment for the Cell Broadband Engine™.

source: http://www.playstation.com/ps3-openplatform/index.html

And this is what Sony tells on the box of my PS3:
To continuously enjoy playback of copyright-protected Blu-Ray Discs, in some cases... the system must be updated."

In other words: To use a marketed feature (Playing of BluRay) you have to update the system whereby you lose another marketed feature (Running Linux OS). IMHO this fully would rectify legal actions against Sony.

First, to all site users who are PS3 and YDL users - I'm really aghast and sorrowful regarding how Sony's decision is affecting you. I came across a CNET article here which reiterates the original article posted by Sony.

In my opinion, any legal challenges to Sony would be very difficult due to the way Sony designed the OtherOS itself, and the conditions for it's use which is explained in the fine print. Consider:

  • The OtherOS is/was the only portal allowing access to the Cell such that any Linux (including YDL) could access the Cell only through the OtherOS option. As Sony developed the OtherOS it always had control under what conditions it could be utilized and for how long as software changed across time. Unlike Slackware and other freely available Linux distributions YDL was/is developed by a company which entered into a professional relationship with Sony which allowed for great cooperative engineering under very specific legal conditions which to all intents and purposes always was Sony's prerogative to dictate. I don't believe YDL users as users can claim anything from Sony under this arrangement.
  • A legal argument could be made if the argument, supported by rigorous engineering, demonstrated that the services provided by YDL are essential and the OtherOS tool can be improved or modified to address Sony's complaint or actions they are taking to protect other users of Sony's services and networks. The reason I don't think any company or even an individual with deep pockets will move in this direction is because Cell development is over and has moved on to a new architectural development which is more promising.
  • It would be very challenging and difficult to argue damages against Sony without solid engineering proof to sustain the argument. Very few users have the engineering background to support a legal challenge.

If however, the talented people supporting the YDL Board continue to find solutions which allows everyone to use YDL on their PS3s -- in spite of Sony -- for as long as people want that help, then what Sony wants won't matter, ever.
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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby Frost » 01 Apr 2010, 21:31

For everybody who hasn't updated, I HAVE GOOD NEWS!

After going crazy trying to get a bypass working and it constantly failing, I found this little gem.

Figured I”d at least post this somewhere, since Sony made a pathetic move today (April Fools, yeah right) that affects a large number of PS3 owners; the removal of OtherOS. The 3.21 update apparently does nothing but remove a feature for “security concerns.” I didn”t even want to install it on my PS3 Slim, so I went and adjusted my server to bypass the update for myself and others.
Basically, this will allow you to use the PSN and play your games online while still having an older PS3 firmware version installed, such as 3.15.
If, eventually, a disc game comes out that requires 3.21, you will be forced to upgrade to play that game; there’’s nothing you can do about that yet. But in the meantime…

You can go to customize your network settings from XMB, and get to the part about DNS nameservers. Select custom, and enter the following IP as your Primary DNS:

And there you go, PSN works.

Original source: http://rvlution.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=123

Confirmed working by yours truly. I'm on PSN right now with 3.15 and I still have YDL 6.2 installed and accessible. Games still work, store still works, multiplayer still works. About to test Home now. FU Sony!

EDIT: And Home works.
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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby dan_f14 » 01 Apr 2010, 21:57

I can quote the above method posted by Frost works. I have tested it and I have managed to connect to the playstation store and it no longer brings up the new firmware update available message. Nice easy temporary work around to enable people to keep the best of both worlds for now. Hopefully Sony will be pressured/persuaded to withdraw their compulsory update/removal of other os. Why don't they just do what Xbox do and ban hacked ps3s?

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Re: OtherOS removed in Firmware update 3.21

Postby keefy » 01 Apr 2010, 22:15

Yes thanks for posting that, tis good not having to start up a software on my PC to get my PS3 to workproperly.
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