Genesi appears to be alive and well-ish

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Genesi appears to be alive and well-ish

Postby ppietro » 24 Jun 2011, 08:57

Hi everyone,

There's been a couple of posts about Genesi on Engadget recently.

Genesi reduces price of Efika MX Smartbook, Smarttop, says it's for greater good: ... -says-its/

I might have to get one of these even though they're no longer PowerPC based - these devices use ARM processors.

Speaking of ARM - I've been looking at ARM Linux lately. It's not quite as straightforward as PowerPC Linux, since there's no real ARM motherboard standard. Usually ARM designs are fairly custom, so the Linux distros vary wildly.

One of the weirder things about ARM Linux is that ARM processors can be configured many different ways - including without hardware Floating Point support. This affects Linux - since the kernel is expecting it.

Genesi has been working on this too. You can read more about in the link below.

Genesi's hard float ARM optimizations can hasten Linux floating point operations by 300 percent: ... -floating/

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