Errors installing on G4 400Mhz Sawtooth

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Errors installing on G4 400Mhz Sawtooth

Postby Baron Munchausen » 05 Feb 2009, 21:46

I am trying to install 6.1 PPC.

First install I used "install" as the boot option. The disk0 has the first 20GB partition config'd as free space.

First time around it moaned about some resource being in use (no chance) and offered me to continue but was just stuck in a loop.

Second time around it did not get as far, but complained just after starting anaconda it could not write to /dev/adb - no such device or address, then complained about X11TransSocketINETConnect inability to get address for localhost:6001. Then GTK complains about inability ot get display.

Any idea how to get past this?
Baron Munchausen
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ydl newbie
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