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iMac G5 17" - access of bad area, sig: 11[#1] - Kernel

PostPosted: 12 Sep 2005, 19:00
by tom_anna
Dear Forum,
It "appears" at this present time, that Linux on the G5 (PowerPC64) boxes (X86 PC's) is dun broke across many distro flavours. The problem(s) "seem and appear to be" in the area of the actual kernels used. Together with what "appears" to be very poor Hardware Probing Code in the installers of the various distro's. Considering that there is only a fraction involved of Apple 3rd Party Hardware compared to X86 Hardware choices, we seem to "NOT" be up to speed yet with these matters (including Device Drivers).

It "appears" that the latest ydl iso version kernel is also dun broke for the G5 (PowerPC64), version 4.0.1 taken in most recent times from the mirror servers.......



Other Linux on Apple G5 Hardware distros are no better.

In fact the following is true on another distro as well as ydl v4.0.1 ...

What you see is:

1.) The normal boot text code..... then.......
2.) What looks like a CPU Registers Dump..... then.......
3.) Ooops Kernel access of bad area,sig: 11[#1] .....then........
4.) kernel Panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill int ! .....then.....



Our iMac G5 17" with super Drive then reboots !

End of story !!

Interestingly i think my Wife or my other family members ran into similar and the same with the full install of the latest Gentoo iso (cdrom) install of their PPC G5 install(er). Their latest minimul Installer for G5 doesn't recognise our G5 CPU and doesn't recognise our on board ATI Video Chipset, then just freezes up. Needing a power of button press.

The current ydl v4.0.1 4 (four) disk iso distro aparently uses kernel version 2.6.10-1. Aparently a new kernel version 2.6.11-x has been out since june, and may be in the next distro release of ydl version 4.0.91.

Which by the way has been available aparently to the ydl clubbies (you gotta pay for it brigade) since june/july under the beta server folder.

This probably means if you purchased (paid for) the v4.0.1 that was supposed to work on the G5 inc the iMac G5 you will get first chop at downloading it from ydl servers.

This also means if your a Freeloader (freebie) you wait more than 2 (two) weeks for it to propigate on the ydl mirrors. If you downloaded v4.0.1 you could be pushed or shoved to trying again. Downloading ydl ver 4.0.91..... maybe !!!
The chances are there won't be any sweet relief and or easy way for those of us who are freeloaders of ver 4.0.1 to ever get a bootable Disk #1 simply !

If you saw that review on the Internet stating that ydl was flogging off External Firewire Hard Drives with Yellow Dog Linux Version 4.0.1 Pre Installed. Aparently the Reviewer speel said that the user did "NOT" have anything installed on his original boot drive. Even if you downloaded ydl ver 4.0.1 or seperately purchased it and did a self install. Beats me how the iMac G5 would have booted to or from the FireWire "first" unless they used forth code in Open Firmware on the G5 box. Or had a key press boot sequence with text commands the user had to supply at boot time !

One wonders what miracle they used to get ver4.0.1 installed on their supplied external firewire hdd offerings, when their downloaded ver 4.0.1 iso disk #1 won't even start the installer on a near new iMac G5 17" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i guess our main question is .........

where do we go from here ydl ??????????

I guess our comment would be........
We are "not" amused !!!

regards to all,
tom_anna (and family)

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2005, 04:58
by StarKnight83
look into possible boot kernel apends