ydl ver 4.0.1 installer broken on PPC64

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ydl ver 4.0.1 installer broken on PPC64

Postby tom_anna » 12 Sep 2005, 20:17

Dear Reader,
Please see our prior post for "why" the ydl ver 4.0.1 is broken on the Apple iMac's with G5 17" and 20" and G5 based PowerPC's


Titled: iMac G5 17" - access of bad area, sig: 11[#1] - Kernel

There are several other posts in this Forum re this problem, how long it has existed we have no idea. NO solutions are presently seen to be available as far as we know. There is a rather obscure patch around somewhere..... but.... as anyone with half a brain will know, you can't apply a patch, if you don't have, an installed, distro/kernel, to patch.

There are a long list of PPC64 Patches available on line for ppc64 based hardware knowing "what" patch you need "if" you have been able to get an installed ppc64 distro onto your HDD by an "Act Of God" is the end user's biggest problem.

"Perhaps" the Linux PowerPC64 Developement Patches (NO Guarantees given) which are available at the link below may be of help to some:


there is also a 32bit page as well somewhere.

It's a sad but true fact of life that we don't yet have some way to go to a patches/fixit/update mirror server directory/folder and simply download a small set of corrections PLUS an ISO Utility to automatically find the correct on HDD file(s), change, delete, add, write, what has to done then reassemble the bootable ISO suitable then to reburn on a CD.

The time wasted online, the server time and bandwith wasted aparently still doesn't warrent such a cheap fix. I guess someone has to ask the question ..... why ... with so many downloaded iso distro failures ?????

regards again
tom_anna (and family) :cry:
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