YDL won't run without graphics card

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YDL won't run without graphics card

Postby norton » 16 Nov 2005, 13:46

I installed YDL on an Apple G5 Xserve. After that i moved harddisk to an Xserve Clusternode which don't have an graphics card installed.
The problem now is, it don't comes up.

Have anybody an idea which solves one of below problems?

1) What can I do to see anything about startup on an VT100 terminal which is connected about serial cable

2) What can I do to make YDL statup possible wihout an graphics card
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Postby StarKnight83 » 16 Nov 2005, 14:25

look into howtos on setting up headless machines, im guess that ydl is booting but X is panicing or the kernel is trying to initialize a graphics driver and hangs here.
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