iMac G5 - No CD or Eth0 !!

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iMac G5 - No CD or Eth0 !!

Postby » 27 Nov 2004, 07:46


I managed to install YDL4 on my iMac G5, sadly I still have not ethernet or CDROM...
The Proc Lists the same as OSX IORegistry explorer (ata-6) for the card, but does not see the actual drive??

As for the Network, the sungem driver refuses to load even when configured "correctly"...

Help is appreciated!

booting ImacG5

Postby revenga » 21 Dec 2004, 13:54

You can search this page for a working kernel:
This is an experimental release and I am working in make it work for the ImacG5 and the YDL 4 installation disk.


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