anybody got a G4, 466 digital audio

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anybody got a G4, 466 digital audio

Postby trash » 16 Aug 2004, 03:39

I'd like to compare notes on this machine, I have installed three different os's 9, X and yellowdog and they all have behaved very differently from people I know running them on different machines.
I have a friend who works at a mac store who says she's never seen the problems I seem to have so I am starting to think that there is either something wrong with this model or I just happened to get a lemon.
I have thought it was just me, but os 9 and even X are pretty simple systems to set-up and operate and that since I am now running linux on a g3, 266 problem free I no longer think it could be just me.
Just curious.

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ydl beginner
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466 DA G4

Postby procdan » 30 Sep 2004, 23:35

Howdy. I too, have the low-end Digital Audio, but I'm not running YDL. I'm still just a newbie, but I'm trying to run Debian unstable ('Sid'). My install is still not totally working, but I'm getting closer.

I'd be interested in sharing notes on the machine, too. Especially if you've had some luck.

I'm currently running the 2.6.8 kernel when it's booted into linux, but I do most of my real work in OSX. Mine's a home-machine with dialup internet only (*slow*).

Thanks for your post. What are your problems? Is everything stock? I look forward to hearing from you.

466 Pmac G4, 1.2GB ram, radeon 8500, midiman audiophile 2496

Postby trash » 01 Oct 2004, 03:56

Hey there procdan, yup she's all stock besides 256mb ram i added when Apple told me
to buy osX because I needed a replacement for the original os9 cd but they
were B/O(so they said)... OSX didn't solve my problem because the os9 in
the box is no good for the G4, 466 DA... they ended up shipping me the
original os9 for this machine. I was rather pissed that they had
me pay for osX when it was so new and still in, what i call dev. stage.
With os9, my biggest issue seems to be remote access, and the need to
restart the machine at least once every 24 hours, mostly while using
IPnetshare and Internet Explorer... quite tiresome. If I don't restart
regularly, the machine eventualy just hangs from which there is no
recovery. USB printer sharing and fileshare over tcp
are also very unstable. I tried osx since I already had it, but it was
still rather new and full of problems, in fact I ditched it because os9
crashed even more running classic lol.
I am having a lot of fun and hardships with linux but am determined not to
switch back to Apple software. I haven't tackled any kernel stuff yet...
damn you're brave running 2.6 unstable hahaha.
Hardware seems to be ok although my harddrive does make this very
strange noise kinda like it loses power for a split second, making the
sound of a harddrive waking from sleep(as you know there is an issue
with sleep on this machine).. it does this randomly often a few times in a
row. Recently during a yum update it did this noise about 4-5 times but
didn't interfere at all with what was going on.
YDL/linux is by far the best on this machine, I'm sold on that. I have
been side tracked from the G4 lately though, practicing the basics in linux
on several other machines I have...
G3 266 running YDL 3.0.1(very sweet!),
6100/60 running YDL 2.3 is now my router/firewall(almost perfectly),
and my latest is an old Toshiba420cds laptop running Delilinux based on older slackware and very peppy
now:). I'll get back to the G4 soon, she's running os9 at the moment.. i
might do a clean install of linux now that i have a better idea of what i'm
doing:). On the mac's YDL is the only distro i've tried so far.
Have you got usb printer/webcam going? firewire maybe?
ydl beginner
ydl beginner
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