Quad G5 CPU A cooling issues

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Quad G5 CPU A cooling issues

Postby vapier » 07 Jul 2010, 00:31

my fans started running louder than normal. looking at the temps, CPU A is usually running 20C to 40C hotter than CPU B. so when compiling large packages, i start getting temp warnings about the processor being too hot, and the proc starts to throttle itself down.

looking at the state files in /sys/bus/platform/devices/windfarm.0/, the speeds for the fans/pumps are the same for CPU A and CPU B, so that looks normal. while idling, CPU A will be ~53C while CPU B will be ~33C. when building the kernel with -j4, CPU A gets up to 80C-90C while CPU B stays around 40C.

after doing some searching, i found an applet for OS X 10.4.x (iSTAT PRO), and it shows the same behavior.

i bought my Quad G5 from Terra Soft Solutions a few years ago as part of their IBM/ppc dev program. i cant seem to find the OS X install discs though, so i cant run the Apple Hardware Test, and it doesnt seem to be freely available for the G5 systems:

i'm kind of at a loss at this point for what to look at next.
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