Can't install because of no power to usb ports?

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Can't install because of no power to usb ports?

Postby G5Rottie » 02 Nov 2011, 20:33

I can't install YDL 6.2 on my G5 dual-2GHz mac because the usb ports are not receiving power. That is the simplified explanation for what I am experiencing. The same keyboard and mouse plugged into the same usb port works just fine under Leopard. I am using a Mac chiclet keyboard, but I have been unsuccessful with a Microsoft ergo 4000 and a Dell usb keyboard. I can't zap the PRAM because the keyboard is unresponsive. It appears that no power is getting to the usb ports, even after I reset the PMU/SMU.

I have used the DVD to install YDL on a G5 at work, so it isn't the media. I get the text boot prompt, but I am unable to type anything at the prompt.

I am not installing onto the Leopard HDD, and the Leopard HDD is not in the Mac at all. Would this make a difference? Thanks in advance.

PowerMac G5 2GHz, 4GB RAM, ATI 9600, YDL 6.2
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