KDE doesn't display menus correctly since updated via yum

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KDE doesn't display menus correctly since updated via yum

Postby dracoverdi2 » 03 Apr 2005, 05:04

After updating using yum, I noticed that the leading characters in KDE menus and on some buttons are highlighted in green or red. In applications (Konsole for example) "(!)" and "&" characters are added to the beginning of the menu items each time you acces them. This eventually renders the menu unreadable. The highlighting first appears on the splash screen during startup. This syptom occurs on all System menus in KDE.

I'm running on a G5 dual processor 2.0 Ghz dual disk, dual boot system.

I did a yum list updates and then yum update for each item on the list. I was doing them in groups before rebooting so I have no real idea which package is causing the problem. I was updating package by package because of an unrelated yum install problem updating the kernel on a G-5.

Another problem is that modprobe doesn't work in root session in Gnome but it does in KDE. Don't ask me why.
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