network device control

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network device control

Postby zebralips » 28 Nov 2011, 18:00

iBook G4, late 2004 model

YDL 6.2 - trying to update at this time.

While trying to set up a net connection by connecting the G4 to a MacBook to use the MacBook airport.

Following the instructions in the Help Directory. Chapter 11 , Activating devices instructs to click on activate to get the devise shown in list in Desktop/Applications/System Tools/ Network Device Control ----- '' to activate '' .
When i do click on Activate , i do receive a window with message in the window that has a scroll bar: users cannot control this devise.

devise to activate is the net card. it is there by default of the install recognizing it during install procedure.

I am logged in as the one and only user.

if i click on the Configure button below the Deactivate button another window for Network Configuration comes up, while i already have one up.
And if i again click on Activate in Network Config , there is again the message: cannot activate network …

goose chase !

Is there a ini file or a shell file or a ? to configure, permissions to change ?.

any assistance ?
thank you
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