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eSATA Drivers

Postby fearless » 11 Mar 2012, 07:11

Hi all

Back after 7 years away! I just installed 6.2 on our oldest G5 - a 2GHz Dual tower, with PCI-X slots. After some false starts it works.

My reason for installing it was to find a way to copy ext3/ext4 drives without having to use Paragon's driver on a Mac, and suffering all those .DS_Store and .fseventd files whenever I mount a drive. However, no luck so far with drivers for my Norco 4-port SiI3124-based card, which is central to my objectives.

Silicon Image do drivers for Intel/AMD under RHEL, Fedora and SUSE, and the card originally came with custom Mac drivers supplied by OWC. There are generic Mac drivers also, but nothing that seems to bridge the gap between Linux on Intel, and YDL on PPC... any ideas? All thoughts and suggestions welcome!

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