4.1 CDs dont support Pismo CD Drive

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4.1 CDs dont support Pismo CD Drive

Postby dstranathan » 25 Apr 2006, 04:12

I spent $ on the 4.1 CDs and tried to install it on my Pismo G3 PowerBook. It won't boot/install from the CD. There is an incompatability with the Pismo CD drive.

Terra Soft said several weeks ago that they would rev the ISOs to support the Pismo CD drive.

info here:

http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com/suppo ... w_cat_id=4

"Apple PowerBook Pismo 400-500MHz FW G3, 2000-01

** Customer tests of v4.1 had reported lack of support for the CD-ROM at install. We are moving to confirm and correct this with revised ISOs"

Has this been resolved yet? I see no indication that they have fixed the install media.

Anyone else abe to install YDL 4.1 on a Pismo?
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