Warning ! Netgear WG511 with different Chipsets !

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Warning ! Netgear WG511 with different Chipsets !

Postby enabler » 16 Jun 2005, 13:52

Hey all !

Today I've bought a Netgear WG511 Wireless Lan PCMCIA Card. Have looked before in to the Yellow Dog Linux Hardware Compatibility List, where this card is listed - but now the surprise:

This card come with different chipsets !!!!!
It's really an original Netgear product, if you look at the included Windows driver CD there are only files for Marvel 88W8310 chipsets.

It should have a Prism chipset, but my WG511 have a Marvel chipset - ergo not usable with YDL. So please pay attention when you buy such a card. Also the YDL staff should write a remark about this at http://www.yellowdoglinux.com/support/h ... ices.shtml

Now I will resell this f+++ card at ebay and look for a Prism equipped WG511.

I know this behaviour until now only from D-Link, where you can find products with the same name and 3 !!!! different hardware designs.

Again, be carefull when you buy a WG511. :shock:
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Postby StarKnight83 » 16 Jun 2005, 14:39

Ive seen just about every wifi manufacture do this including netgear. Ill agree that the TSS staff shouldve made a not in their posting about the manufacture possibly changing their design. I always refer to the hardware compatability list at the bottom of the page on http://www.linux-wlan.org so i know something is supported and by what driver

<edit>sorry just looked through the compatability list and they havent changed it yet-you may want to send an email to the keeper of the list so they can updated it</edit>
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