Ti PowerBook Newbie Installation ?

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Ti PowerBook Newbie Installation ?

Postby templar » 09 Jul 2005, 00:26

I am currently running os x Panther on my ti 1ghz powerbook and want to run YDL 4.0 on it in a dual boot config. As I'm new to this I just wanted to lay out my strategy and solicit feedback.

1) Using SuperDuper from Shirt Pocket software I will clone my entire powerbook drive.

2) Backup the clone to my external iomega 160gb fw drive

3) Partition PowerBook drive using tools included w/ ydl (in the process erasing everything)

4) Install ydl on its partition

5) reinstall my cloned OS X HD from external drive

This would then give me both operating systems on the powerbook, yes?

I would appreciated any feedback on my plan. This is the way I thought to do it because these are the tools at my disposal.


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ydl newbie
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Postby StarKnight83 » 09 Jul 2005, 06:27

that should work but my suggestion would to be back up all of ur data and do a fresh install of tiger (im just worried about forks and stuff not translating back right onto a smaller partition) id say give it a try like u said first but dont ditch the clone as itll have all the data u need
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