Another Ti PowerBook Newbie Installation ?

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Another Ti PowerBook Newbie Installation ?

Postby templar » 09 Jul 2005, 14:22

Thank you for answering my first question.

I have another one.

When I open system prefs under starup disk I noticed that I have choice of booting into Tiger or OS 9.2. Now, on occasion I have an application that will open Classic, although I never boot directly into os 9.

Does this mean, in relation to my first question, that I need to creat three different partitions or will the two be enough? One for Tiger and one for ydl.

Thank you in advance.

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ydl newbie
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Postby StarKnight83 » 11 Jul 2005, 14:58

if its just "classic support" u only need 2 (this is the one included on ur tiger install disk) otherwise ull need a 3rd partition to install 9.x on
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