Rev A. iMac G5

Architecture specific questions.

Rev A. iMac G5

Postby Chilly » 29 Aug 2007, 12:39

Hi all,

I'm going to give YDL a test run soon. I have a few question though.

1. If I format a drive as "UNIX file system" in disk utility will YD AND OS X both be able to see the drive?

2. I heard from a little bird that YDL is the ONLY distro that supports fan control for the iMac.

3. Nvidia does not produce drivers for PPC linux, will i still be able to "see" YDL?

4. Will I be able to dual-boot OS X & YDL from the same HDD?

My current hardware as it stands:

20" Rev A. iMac G5 1.8Ghz. 2Gb RAM. 750Gb HDD. Dual Layer OD. 500Gb external RAID (FW400).

I'll report back on how well it went in a few weeks (when I get time!!!)

P.S. I'm using 5.0.2-Apple install CD's
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