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Postby lilstroker2000 » 08 Sep 2008, 18:47

This is a 3-part question for the iMac G4. I followed the YDL 6 install directions from the Terra Soft website and there is a point where you have to choose install options which can be viewed by pressing tab. It says that the G4 option (install_ppc32) should show up but all I see is the PS3 install options. I tried typing "install_ppc32" but that didn't work so I just simply typed "install". After that it installed just fine but now I'm wondering if I installed the wrong version because it has the "Boot Game OS" option like it does when you install for the PS3. So my question is, should this "Boot Game OS" option still be there or did I install the wrong version? My second question is how do you get the eject function to work? What I've managed to do is to go to keyboard shortcuts and I found an eject option so I set the eject key to it. So now I can get it to eject but I can't get it to pop back in without physically pushing the tray back in (I hate doing that; I get the feeling that it's bad to do that :? ) Question #3: Seeing as I'm using a mac mouse, how do I use the "right-click" function you normally get with a 3 button mouse? Sorry for the noob questions, I'm new to Mac and I've just recently gotten the hang of YDL 6 on my PS3.
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