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Dual Booting Nub Needs Help

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2009, 03:33
by McFrostey
Hello I own a 17'' 800mhz 512mb 60gig HD iMac G4 I recentley installed YDL on my mac which I absoloutly love and Im interested in Dual Booting...

I Have no idea how to do it

I have installation disc to everything (Mac OSX and YDL)

and Im completly on the the Linux side no trace of OSX Left on my computer XD

there are many reasons I need just a little big of OSX back "iTunes, and one of my fav games ioUrban Terror are the main"

So some directions to get me started or a whole explanation will do the trick for me,

Thanks... :D

o and im running 6.10 YDL...