Emac hangs after install

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Emac hangs after install

Postby consolation » 08 Feb 2005, 23:33

I am complete newbie when it comes to linux so please assume i am an ignorant sob.
I got YLD4 installed on an eMac700 and yaboot starts up ok but then after a while the system hangs up and the screen goes blank. Near as I can work out it's when X fires up. I see from previous posts that there is a config that can be entered but I just have no idead how. I can't see my linux partitions from osX and if I boot into linux I just get a hanged system...
Help, please....

P.S. I know this probably should be in the beginner section of the board but I suspect that the problem is hardware specific.
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ydl newbie
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Postby StarKnight83 » 09 Feb 2005, 03:25

you need to get a ext3 module for osx and unless you've edit some files X doesnt launch automatically w/ ydl 4.0. are you sure it hangs; try to sign in (even though you cant see anything) and type startx and see if anything happens
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