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Okay I succesfully installed ydl on my old imac G5 ppc earlier this summer and everything was working great....until just now! I'd been working away at project euler problems all day, and I was really in the zone when for some reason I thought it would be awesome to configure a second monitor. So I got the VGI adapter made by apple and hooked up one of my old old monitors (samsung SyncMaster 712n), and went to the display settings and selected dual monitor. I configured the second monitor as a standard lcd with a 1024 x 768 display. I then hit enter and it told me I would have to log out and back in for the settings to take place. I did so, but right after I logged out, the screen went black and remained that way. I figured I would just restart the computer. WHen I restarted, the boot process looked completely normal (the display looked fine) but after the booting process finished, the screen again went completely black and the login screen never appeared. Panicked, I then restarted the computer (this time without the second monitor hooked up to the imac), and to my horror, after booting finished no login screen appeared, just a black screen. I'm guessing this has something to do with the display, but the graphical boot process is displaying fine, and everything appears to be working, until the boot finishes! Any help would be much appreciated! Please!
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