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Postby TheSpaceTrucker » 08 Jun 2005, 14:57

I am having a problem.
I have a flower power 500mhz with slot loading Imac with ati video that I got off a trash pile. All it needed was to have the system folder reblessed to get os 9.1 working beatifuly. lol
I want to set up a dual boot with os 9.1 and YDL 4.01
I got a no screens found error durring a graphics install.
I got the text install to compleat.
When I boot up either from the YDL CD or to YDL on the HD the first two or three charactors are off the left hand side of the screen
I can get to a linux prompt but with some of the text off the screens left edge. If I try to go into X I get the no screen found error.
I really want to get linux running on this computer.
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