HOWTO install YDL4 on OldWorld Macs

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HOWTO install YDL4 on OldWorld Macs

Postby StarKnight83 » 07 Dec 2004, 15:14

Special thanks goes to virgule for figuring this out

1a- Download this kernel and place it in 'Linux Kernel' folder (for bootx to use) ... 204/kernel
filename= vmlinux-2.6.8-1.ydl.7
size= 4526K
date= 10-01-2004 04:54
description=This is the normal kernel for OW working with YDL4 try this with miboot install. Let us know if it works for you ???

1b- Copy 'ramdisk.image.gz' off YellowDog install CD1 into your MacOS System Folder.

2a- Setup bootx screen to use the new kernel and ramdisk.
<Suggested BY 'Guest'>
2b- Set RAM Disk size to 18192
3- Insert CD1 in CD-ROM and click 'Linux'
...have fun installing!

NOTE: after anaconda is gone copying files to the HD, it will crash. Have no worry, its only because its looking for yaboot / macosx stuffs but there is none on a OldWorld mac so it crash...(I have the full bug report on paper if this could be usefull to anyone, just ask i'll post it.) Its no big deal just reboot it'll be fine.

4- uncheck 'Use Specified ramdisk' in bootx, enter your root partition in the appropriate field , click 'save' et voila!

5a- You will meet a text-mode login, login as root and add your 'user' account:
useradd <username> [ENTER]
passwd <username> [ENTER]

6- If you want a graphical login:
edit /etc/inittab and look for this line:


change '3' to '5' save and quit. Next boot will be all set!
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