Errata: Champion Server v1.2

The following security, bug, and functionality updates have been provided by Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. in order to help keep your Champion Server 1.2 operating system secure, robust, and up-to-date. Each package is classified as one of three different types. Security updates are those which fix a discovered security vulnerability. You should always install security updates. Bugfix updates solve problems discovered with the distribution. Lastly, package enhancement updates are not critical but do improve or enhance your Yellow Dog Linux operating system.

Champion Server 1.2.1 Errata (1.2 affected as well)
Date Name Summary Type
January 30, 2001 bind Security problem that can be exploited remotely. Security
September 26, 2000 xpdf Security problem in tmp file and URL handling. Security
September 26, 2000 glibc Several problems created the potential for users to gain root access. Security
September 25, 2000 sysklogd Several problems created the potential for users to gain root access. Security

Champion Server 1.2 Errata (1.2.1 contains all of the below updates)
Date Name Summary Type
September 13, 2000 mgetty Fixed a problem that could allow a user to overwrite any file on a system. Security
September 13, 2000 usermode Fixed a problem allowing console users to get root access. Security
September 13, 2000 initscripts Fixed a typo in a network script. Bugfix
September 13, 2000 xchat Fixed a problem with URL handling. Security
August 10, 2000 umb-scheme Fixed a permissions problem. Security
August 10, 2000 mailx Fixes an environment inheritance problem related to below suidperl exploit. Security
August 10, 2000 perl Fixed an exploit in suidperl. Security
July 31, 2000 nfs-utils Fixes a flaw in rpc.statd daemon. Security
July 31, 2000 gpm Fixes security problem and denial-of-service attack. Security
July 28, 2000 kernel Fixes security vulnerability and adds features. Security
May 07, 2000 ircii Fixes buffer overflow in dcc chat. Security
May 07, 2000 etcskel Provides missing default home directory files. Bugfix
May 02, 2000 openldap Fixes vulnerability that allowed local users to overwrite files. Security
May 02, 2000 piranha Fixes vulnerability in gui portion of piranha. Security
April 24, 2000 man Fixes problem of uncompressed man page viewing. Bugfix

Yup (Yellow Dog Update Program) versions newer then what ships with Champion Server 1.2 are also available. Each time you run yup, the newest version of the software will be downloaded if you do not yet have it.

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