Errata: Yellow Dog v2.1

The following security, bug, and functionality updates have been provided by Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. in order to help keep your Yellow Dog Linux 2.1 operating system secure, robust, and up-to-date.

Each package is classified as one of three different types. Security updates are those which fix a discovered security vulnerability. You should always install security updates. Bugfix updates solve problems discovered with the distribution. Lastly, package enhancement updates are not critical but do improve or enhance your Yellow Dog Linux operating system.

Date Name Summary Type
February 11, 2002 ucd-snmp Closes security vulnerability and denial-of-service problems. Security
January 27, 2002 tmpwatch Updates tmpwatch nightly cleaning of man page cache. Bugfix
January 27, 2002 groff Fixes an exploitable security overflow problem. Security
January 27, 2002 uucp Correctly handles dangerously long arguments. Security
January 27, 2002 at Fixes environment and heap related security bugs. Security
January 27, 2002 pine Fixes a security problem in URL handling. Security
January 27, 2002 sudo Fixes environment variable handling. Security
January 27, 2002 sane-backends Fixes a tmp file handling problem. Security
January 27, 2002 enscript Fixes a tmp file handling problem. Security
January 27, 2002 mutt Closes a buffer overflow problem. Security
January 27, 2002 rsync Fixes a vulnerability exploitable remotely. Security
January 27, 2002 xchat Fixes a vulnerability exploitable remotely. Security
January 27, 2002 freetype Fixes package dependency problems. Bugfix
January 21, 2002 quota Provided header file no longer packaged with new glibc Bugfix
January 15, 2002 yup Fixes yup updates of very large packages Bugfix
January 15, 2002 pmud Fixes trackpad wakeup problems (PowerBook/iBook only) Bugfix
December 29, 2001 glibc/gcc/binutils Toolchain bugfix and feature update. Bugfix
December 08, 2001 yaboot Resolves parsing bugs and adds feature support. Bugfix
December 08, 2001 squid Closes hole that may have allowed DoS attack. Security
December 08, 2001 diffutils Fixes bug in temp file handling. Security
December 08, 2001 openssh Closes hole allowing unauthorized hosts login. Security
December 08, 2001 sendmail Fixes local root exploit due to debugging code. Security
December 08, 2001 printtool Prevents unauthorized file reads via print spool. Security
December 08, 2001 ucd-snmp Fixes numerous security holes. Security
December 08, 2001 tetex Fixes a bug in temp file handling. Security

BootX Installer for Old World machines
Some users of the Mac OS based BootX Installer have reported that the installer was unable to find the vmlinux or ramdisk files, we have built standalone installers that do not search the CD drive for them. Pick the appropriate install method, Graphical (GUI) or Text mode.

BootX for GUI Installs
BootX for Text Installs

Important note about Netscape:
YDL 2.1 ships with a version of Netscape that has numerous known security vulnerabilities. A newer or fixed version of Netscape is not available for the PowerPC Linux platform. We recommend that you use an alternative browser such as Mozilla or Konqueror. Both ship with YDL 2.1 and have similar feature sets to Netscape. Another choice is Opera, a low-cost commercial web browser that works very well on YDL 2.1.

New version of yup!
yup! (Yellow Dog Update Program) versions newer then what ships with Yellow Dog Linux 2.0 may also be available. Each time you run yup!, the newest version of the software will be downloaded if you do not yet have it.

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