Errata: Yellow Dog v2.2

The following security, bug, and functionality updates have been provided by Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. in order to help keep your Yellow Dog Linux 2.2 operating system secure, robust, and up-to-date.

Each package is classified as one of three different types. Security updates are those which fix a discovered security vulnerability. You should always install security updates. Bugfix updates solve problems discovered with the distribution. Lastly, package enhancement updates are not critical but do improve or enhance your Yellow Dog Linux operating system.

Date Name Summary Type
August 19, 2002 libpng Fixes a buffer overflow in datastream reader. Security
August 19, 2002 krb5 Fixes a heap overflow in the XDR decoder derived from Sun's RPC implementation. Security
August 10, 2002 gaim Fixes buffer overflow in the jabber plugin. Security
August 10, 2002 bind Fixes buffer overflow which may be remotely exploitable. Security
August 10, 2002 mm Corrects temp file handling bug. Security
August 10, 2002 openssl Fixes a denial-of-service related bug. Security
August 01, 2002 util-linux Fixes locally exploitable vulnerability. Security
August 01, 2002 openssl Fixes several serious buffer overflows. Security
August 01, 2002 glibc Fixes a buffer overflow problem. Security
August 01, 2002 mod_ssl Fixes bounds checking security problem. Security
June 26, 2002 openssh Resolves a potentially serious input validation error. Security
June 26, 2002 apache Fixes a serious security problems (DoS and remote execution). Security
June 6, 2002 ethereal Fixes several security bugs including some DoS'. Security
June 6, 2002 bind Fixes a potential denial-of-service attack bug. Security
June 6, 2002 xchat Fixes arbitrary execution security vulnerability. Security
June 6, 2002 ghostscript Fixes arbitrary execution security vulnerability. Security
June 6, 2002 tcpdump Fixes buffer overflow condition. Security
June 6, 2002 nss_ldap Fixes format string problem. Security
June 6, 2002 imap Closes malformed header security bug. Security
May 22, 2002 webmin Fixes a security problem. Security
May 22, 2002 kdebase Defaults broken artsd to 8-bit mode. Bugfix
May 22, 2002 mpg321 Fixes a buffer overflow. Security
May 22, 2002 sharutils Closes a pipe or symlink handling security problem. Security
May 22, 2002 imlib Closes a image loading security problem. Security
May 22, 2002 fetchmail Closes a remotely-executable security problem. Security
May 22, 2002 glibc Fixes a problem which may cause random seg faults. Bugfix
May 02, 2002 yi Fixes a number of minor bugs in config tools. Bugfix
May 02, 2002 abiword Fixes AbiWord font paths problem. Bugfix
May 02, 2002 docbook-utils Fixes a file handling related security problem. Security
May 02, 2002 nautilus Fixes a local symlink vulnerability. Security
May 02, 2002 ppp Fixes CBCP protocol support. Bugfix
May 02, 2002 sudo Fixes local root exploit vulnerability. Security
May 02, 2002 gimp New packages contain fixed JPEG support. Bugfix
May 02, 2002 Xautoconfig Fixes bad init script. Bugfix
May 02, 2002 pdisk Fixes info and man page locations. Bugfix
March 14, 2002 wget Fixes wget from segfaulting. Bugfix
March 14, 2002 apt Rebuilt packages help apt-get style updating. Enhancement

Important note about Netscape:
The Tasty Morsels CD-ROM included with YDL 2.2 ships with a version of Netscape that has numerous known security vulnerabilities. A newer or fixed version of Netscape is not available for the PowerPC Linux platform. We recommend that you use an alternative browser such as Mozilla or Konqueror. Both ship with YDL 2.2. and have similar feature sets to Netscape. Another choice is Opera, a low-cost commercial web browser that works very well on YDL 2.2.

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